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Executive Board: October 1, 1993 – December 31, 1995


President: Lieutenant Patrick F. O’Brien

Agency: United States Park Police

First Vice President:  Officer Brian Manion

Agency: Metro Transit Police

Second Vice President:  Captain Charles Moore

Agency: Metropolitan Police Department- District of Columbia

Treasurer: Officer Christopher T. Truitt

Agency: Metro Transit Police

Recording Secretary: Vacant

Trustee: Officer Joanne O’Hagan

Agency: University of Maryland Police (MD)

Trustee: Officer Cornelius Sullivan

Agency: Metro Transit Police

Trustee Retired: Special Agent J. T. “Doc” Tullis

Agency: United States Secret Service (Ret)

Active State Delegate (MD) Corporal Lee Morgan

Agency: Princes Georges County Police

Active State Delegate (MD) Detective James Silvers

Agency: Princes Georges County Police

Active State Delegate (DC) Sergeant Jack Cummings

Agency: Metropolitan Police- District of Columbia

Active State Delegate (DC) Investigator Gary Padgett

Agency: Metro Transit Police

Associate State Delegate: Cesar Gonzales

Area: Maryland

Associate State Delegate: Donna Bramlett

Area: Maryland

Associate State Delegate: James Rodin

Area: Virginia

Associate State Delegate: Michael Duffy

Area: District of Columbia

Associate State Delegate: Melissa Clink

Area: Delaware

Chapter President; Sergeant Michael Newton (Baltimore PD)

Area: Baltimore, MD.

Chapter President: Detective Stokes McCune (Richmond PD)

Area: Richmond, VA.


Note: By-Laws changes take effect regarding; Terms of Office of Ex. Board (January-December); Adding to Ex. Board-Trustees; Active and Associate State Delegates and Chapter Presidents.

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