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Executive Board: January 1, 2000 – December 31, 2001


President: Officer Brian Manion

Agency: Metro Transit Police

First Vice President:  Captain Charles Moore (Ret).

Agency: Metropolitan Police –District of Columbia

Second Vice President:  Sergeant Joseph Dowling III

Agency: United States Capitol Police

Treasurer: Lieutenant Patrick F. O’Brien

Agency: United States Park Police

Recording Secretary: Special Agent Harold Gallagher

Agency:  U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

Trustee: Officer Cornelius Sullivan

Agency: Metro Transit Police

Trustee Retired: Special Agent Daniel Sullivan (Ret)

Agency: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Active State Delegate (MD) Officer Kevin Sullivan

Agency: Montgomery County Police (MD)

Associate State Delegate: Martha Fenn

Area: Maryland

Associate State Delegate: Nancy Earnhardt (Appointed February 15, 2001)

Area: Maryland

Chapter President (MD): Lieutenant Michael Newton (Baltimore PD)

Area: Baltimore, Maryland

Chapter President (VA): Detective Stokes McCune (Richmond PD)

Area: Richmond, Virginia

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